Idealistic Ethereum community-built zkEVM Scroll launching in weeks

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Idealistic Ethereum community-built zkEVM Scroll launching in weeks

After two years of growth, a gaggle of Ethereum idealists are near launching their zero-knowledge EVM (Ethereum Digital Machine) — Scroll — developed with Ethereum’s values in thoughts. 

Whereas there are already a number of zero-knowledge EVMs in existence right this moment, Scroll co-founder Ye Zhang informed Cointelegraph at Token2049 that the challenge was “idealistic” because the staff was sticking to the philosophy and the ideas that Ethereum already cultivates.

Zhang mentioned that they’ve been engaged on this largely as a “labor of affection,” pushed by a shared imaginative and prescient to scale Ethereum whereas staying true to its decentralization ideas.

He added that the challenge was extra human curiosity than merely fixing computational issues. “We began in an open supply manner, in a community-driven manner,” he mentioned.

“We are able to develop this neighborhood very organically, after which develop our community impact, not in a really foolish manner, not in a really marketing-driven aggressive manner.”

The brand new zkEVM is ready to launch inside weeks, having already undergone in depth testing and carried out audits on the code. Zhang mentioned the Scroll will launch after some remaining testing and main tasks like Uniswap and Aave are able to deploy on Scroll at launch.

Scroll co-founder Ye Zhang. Supply: Cointelegraph

The mathematician believes ZK-rollups are the “holy grail” or best-in-class of layer-2 scaling options, very low cost and safe.

Nevertheless, Scroll is getting into a crowded ecosystem that already has zkEVM options from Polygon, Immutable, StarkWare, and ConsenSys’ Linea, which launched in August.

Zhang claimed that among the different methods equivalent to Linea have some “unproven” components within the circuit however believes Scroll offers a “full proof” of all Ethereum “opcodes” and elements of the transaction.

“So it is not solely in comparison with compatibility, but additionally a full proof for proving that the whole lot we have already got,” he mentioned.

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Scroll is a layer-2 scaling challenge that has been in growth for 2 years. It makes use of zero-knowledge proofs to compress knowledge off-chain, which means solely proofs are submitted on-chain — enabling increased throughput.

The EVM part permits full native compatibility with any current Ethereum software program and purposes.

The preliminary setup will nonetheless contain some centralization equivalent to sequencers, Zhang mentioned, however the roadmap will decentralize this additional over time.

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